Real World Drone Technology in Education A New Approach – Overview

When new technologies, such as drones, emerge, they have such a critical impact on industry and our world in general that the necessity and critical demand for education solutions on those technologies becomes essential. The use of drones in real-world applications within several industries is growing at an accelerated pace, but that is not reflected in the current trends of education. There are other areas where drone technology is gaining popularity such as drone racing which is focused on entertainment First Person View (FPV) with similarities to video games with little regard to real world applications or programming methods. This is creating an increasing gap in drone technology and education demands for the future.

This gap in education incorporating drone technology into the classroom and other educational settings is the focus of Drone Education Project from Know The Score, PMO. In this series of blogs, the current gap (problem statement) with a proposed new approach that incorporates drone technology with creative entertainment products and services in integrated systems that have real-world scenarios will be presented. With this new approach, students in traditional classroom and other settings will be exposed to basic concepts of drone technology while learning about emerging industries and applications where drones are used today or will be used in the future. This new approach will create industry partnerships to identify actual real-world examples which can be integrated into exciting lesson plans that generate interest in the future of drone technology and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in general.


The overall problem statement that the current state of drone technology education is not keeping pace with industry will be discussed. There will be a case for why drone technology in education is important. Current industry applications of drone technology will be discussed as it relates to inclusion into educational programs. A proposal for change and an educational example for this new approach will be presented. The blog series will conclude with a complete overview of this new approach and the outlook for implementation going forward.

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